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Welcome to SBJCAT

SBJCAT is a user name made from my initials and those of my wife. I've used it often over the years when I've registered for this or that, as it seemed that most variations of my real name had already been taken. Since I have recently started providing contract services for software development it seemed like a good idea to have a company name, so SBJ Computer Application Technologies was born.

If you're interested in my work, be sure to check out The SBJ MVC Framework, Resume and Silverlight pages.

Thanks for visiting,

Steve Johnson

What's New

  • Mar 19, 2009 - The lastest MVC Framework article has been posted on Code Project! The SBJ MVC Framework - The Design View, Responding to Model Change, goes into detail describing the first of the three Shapes application views, the Design View, how it is driven by Model change and how the Framework generalizes most of its functionality so that it can be leveraged with a minimum of additional coding at the application level.

  • Feb 11, 2009 - There's a new page added the SBJCAT website! It describes The SBJ MVC Framwork, an MFC extension library the integrates a Model-View-Controller architecture with the MFC Document/View architecture.